RainReady at the White House!

by Harriet Festing

RainReady at the White House! I am delighted to be presenting RainReady at the White House Forum on Smart Finance for Disaster Resilience. The event is next week - August 3rd.  The forum will discuss innovative finance options to help flood victims with pre-disaster mitigation. ... more

Flood Survivor: Arles Price

by RainReady

The worst part of the flooding isn’t the water itself but the stuff that comes up. Used tampons. Urine. Dirty water likely intermixed with fecal material.  And when the water finally recedes? The smell. And then? The mold. The constant circular motions repeat themselves weekly... more

Is Your Downspout Causing Your Basement to Flood?

by Bryan Nelson

In our April newsletter, we offered tips for spring cleaning your gutters. Now that your gutters are clear and able to catch the rainwater from your roof, let’s talk about where this water is flowing. The gutters connect to downspouts that direct rainwater from the roof down the exterior... more

RainReady wins ASFPM Award for Excellence in Floodplain Management

by Harriet Festing

RainReady is being awarded the Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM) National 2016 James Lee Witt Local Award for Excellence in Floodplain Management, which is given annually to recognize outstanding programs or activities at the front lines of floodplain management. The... more

Bringing Midlothian’s Resilience Model to Six South Suburban Neighbors

by Molly Oshun

In January, the Village of Midlothian, located in Chicago’s southern suburbs, took the groundbreaking step of adopting the nation’s first RainReady Plan. Midlothian residents have faced chronic flooding for decades, even in moderately sized rainstorms. Our RainReady program’s... more

Stories of Flooding from Across the Nation

by Burrell Poe

Flooding is the most expensive "natural" disaster faced by homeowners across America. Flooding costs communities billions of dollars every year according to damage payouts by insurance companies. Much of the damage can be avoided by smarter, greener infrastructure in our built... more

You Did it! FEMA to Study Urban Flooding

by Hal Sprague

We have some incredible news! Thanks to your efforts, and the leadership of Representative Mike Quigley and Senator Dick Durbin, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been asked to conduct a national study of urban flooding. The Congressional directive is included in an... more

Flood Victims - The Trusted Voice on Urban Flooding

by Burrell Poe

We are delighted to announce that the City of Chicago is supporting CNT’s education and outreach on rain readiness. Working alongside urban flooding victims themselves, we help people identify practical and affordable improvements to protect their property from urban flooding - approaches... more

The Suburb That's Reinventing Resilience

by Molly Oshun

When Village of Midlothian residents reached out to CNT’s RainReady℠ program, they sought help with Natalie Creek, a small tributary to the Cal Sag Channel with a terrible history of flooding the surrounding neighborhood. As we began our work with Floodlothian Midlothian and Village Trustees... more

CNT’s RainReady Service to Help Chicago Flood Victims Recover from the 2013 Storm

by Marcella Bondie Keenan

The Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT®) has been contracted through the City of Chicago’s Residential Flood Assistance Program to provide streamlined flood damage repair and prevention for 70 homes victimized by the April 2013 flooding that crippled parts of Chicago’s south... more