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CNT’s RainReady workshops guide towns and cities on managing stormwater to reduce flooding.

Our workshops  take participants beyond typical stormwater planning sessions by helping them understand how to transform the decision-making process itself.

Each highly interactive, daylong workshop builds local capacity to implement RainReady approaches and strengthens relationships between flood victims, engineers and public works officials, and the community. The workshops will be open to approximately 30 participants (key community leaders, flood victims, stakeholders, and agency professionals are all eligible) who will learn how to simultaneously tackle urban flooding and build safer and more beautiful neighborhoods.

We offer support in making practical and affordable neighborhood improvements that help communities address:

  • Water or sewage backup in homes
  • Seepage or moisture in basements
  • Flooding or standing water in yards or streets
  • Cracked or blocked private sewer pipes
  • Overland flooding from a creek or ditch

Each workshop will be presented by two RainReady staff members. Our multidisciplinary team has a diverse skill set that include engineering, urban planning, law, outreach and public engagement. We recommend that RainReady Workshops be hosted within affected communities to allow for a walking tour and neighborhood assessment. Ideally, participants will also have the opportunity to participate in a property assessment.


  • How flooding affects properties and neighborhoods
  • Riverine versus urban flooding
  • Upgrading homes: conducting a risk assessment + improvement options
  • Upgrading neighborhoods: conducting a risk assessment + improvement options
  • Costs + benefits
  • The role of insurance
  • Partnerships and interagency solutions
  • Funding and financing


  • Using photos, video and data to diagnose flood risk, raise awareness and select improvements
  • Building resident and community participation
  • DIY home and neighborhood improvements
  • Identifying appropriate solutions for your community
  • Accessing tools, information and resources

To get a workshop in your city or community, please ask your mayor or elected leader to contact CNT at