Our Services

RainReady℠ helps people manage flooding and drought in a time of climate change. With a current focus on urban flooding (but with an approach that could easily be adapted to drought or water quality impairments), we offer:

  • Tailor-made, award winning services to help reduce urban flood risks
  • Affordable and scalable solutions backed by solid research and analysis
  • Public outreach and grant management
  • Training courses and workshops for residents, community and municipal leaders

RainReady Home

This service is intended for single properties affected by flooding. The heart of RainReady home is the provision of fast, low-cost flood control and mitigation to individual homes and businesses most impacted by heavy rainstorms and runoff.  It offers landscaping, building and plumbing services and improvements. 


RainReady Community

This level provides an entire community the full umbrella of RainReady protections and services. The focus here is on developing cost effective strategies to reduce and mitigate the impact of severe rain events on both public and private properties. We will produce a community-wide risk assessment, engage in homeowner outreach to better understand needs and build support, and create a broad-based, multi-year plan of action to improve water management. Solutions may include: landscaping, plumbing and building retrofits; downspout disconnection and drywells, rain gardens, tree planting and bioswales; wetland creation, and stream & creek restoration.

Towns or cities wishing to offer RainReady services to their residents will draw up a memorandum of agreement with CNT. If you are a resident, please ask your mayor or elected leader to contact CNT at info@rainready.org.