RainReady Home

RainReady Home partners with communities to deliver programs that help keep properties dry.

Our Services

RainReady Home helps property owners address:

  • Sewage backup in basements 
  • Seepage through foundations
  • Standing water in yards

RainReady Home provides:

  1. Flood Risk Assessments and Recommendations
  2. Smart Landscaping Designs
  3. Construction Support
  4. Grant Administration
  5. Post-Construction Monitoring 

We prioritize solutions with multiple benefits, such as smart landscaping that manages stormwater, looks beautiful, and increases property values. Recommendations may also include paving, plumbing, masonry, or gutter system improvements.

Where We Work

RainReady Home is available in participating communities. See where we are working now.

Local governments interested in offering RainReady Home to their residents may contact RainReadyHome@cnt.org 

Looking for Help?

RainReady provides these additional resources for homeowners who are not located in a participating community.

  • RainReady Socials 

Socials are interactive events that teach homeowners and their neighbors about their options for managing stormwater. RainReady will visit a home to demonstrate how to identify flooding issues at your home, and discuss common solutions to flooding issues. The homeowner who hosts a Social receives a free RainReady Home consultation with our assessor. To schedule a Social, email RainReadyInfo@cnt.org or call 773-269-2217.

  • My RainReady

My RainReady is a free, online self-assessment tool to evaluate  flooding risks and find solutions. After answering a series of guided questions, My RainReady provides customized recommendations for your home. Click here to use My RainReady.

  • Fact Sheets

Our fact sheets address many flooding topics. Read more here.