“I cannot sleep or think or do anything when rain comes. It does not matter if it doesn't flood; it has become an un-chosen way of life."

Your homes, businesses, and public buildings are inextricably linked by common watersheds—the area of land where rain, snow, and other water drains into rivers or streams. Changes made in one property affect the others. As urban development expands upstream, property owners downstream can discover that their homes and basements have unintentionally become the neighborhood’s storage basin or that their drinking water is being depleted.

You can tackle these problems through community organizing. The first step is to form a Resident Action Group. Resident Action Groups address local water issues by holding meetings, documenting and vocalizing specific issues, discussing causes and solutions, and engaging with government and nonprofit entities.

Interested in getting a Resident Action Group started? We would love to hear from you as we expand our state and national advocacy work. We welcome photos, stories, and social media links documenting flooding and drought as it affects your community.

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