Our factsheets provide information to help you become RainReady. Print them out for use at meetings or to show friends and neighbors.


Maintaining Your Rain Garden

An illustrated guide to maintaining your home rain garden

RainReady Home Contractor Application

Please download and complete this application to work with RainReady Home. To submit the completed application, please email Marcella Bondie Keenan at HOME@RAINREADY.ORG

Get RainReady with Trees

Learn more about how trees impact stormwater.

Get RainReady with Rain Barrels

Learn more about rain barrels.

Get RainReady by Planting Native Plants

Learn more about plants native to the Midwest.

Get RainReady with Compost Bins

Learn more about composting.

Is it Raining Harder?

Facts about Extreme Weather and Climate Change

Capturing Rain on Your Property

Seven Techniques for Capturing Rainwater on Your Property

Resident Action Groups

An introduction to RainReady community organizing

Your Building's Sewer Pipe

Preventing backups and flooding of wastewater in your home

10 Actions for States and Regions

An introduction to rain readiness for states and regions

10 Actions for Cities and Towns

An introduction to rain readiness for municipalities

10 Actions for Homeowners

An introduction to rain readiness for homeowners

Make Your Yard RainReady

How to take care of your property responsibly

Establishing a Rain Fund

How to ensure your community is ready

Insurance Policies

Protecting your home from financial risk

Establishing a Grant Program

A strategy for funding RainReady improvements

Checklist for Home Buyers

Key tips for buying a home that is RainReady

Community Needs Assessment

Gathering information for your community