RainReady Videos

Our videos share stories of RainReady practices in homes and businesses as well as flood-related activism. Follow the links for more videos on each subject, and feel free to use them at meetings or show them to friends and neighbors. The collection will be gradually updated and expanded.

Homes | Businesses | Public SpacesUrban Flooding and Activism

Home Improvements: Lori Burns

Millions of property owners are affected by flooding in their home. See how we are helping Chicago resident Lori Burns. CNT's Wetrofit® team will return to the property later in 2014 to help make improvements to Lori's yard.


RainReady Solutions in Action: Green Roofs

Green roofs absorb rooftop runoff, capturing stormwater to help prevent sewer system overflows and flooded basements.


Flooding Beyond the Floodplain

In the village of Midlothian, a southern suburb of Chicago, residents face hundred-year rainfalls on a regular basis. And whenever these record rains come, they bring the misery of urban flooding to the homes in their path.

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