Videos: Homes

Our videos share stories of RainReady practices in homes and businesses as well as flood-related activism. Follow the links for more videos on each subject, and feel free to use them at meetings or show them to friends and neighbors. The collection will be gradually updated and expanded.

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Property Retrofit: Dejan Bejic + Marcela Bernal

CNT's RainReady team helped Dejan Bejic and Marcela Bernal stop seepage in their home by regrading their property and installing a rain garden.


RainReady Solutions in Action: French Drains

French drain systems trap water in the soil and redirect it away from buildings, preventing basement and home flooding.


Property Assessment: Margaret O'Dell

CNT's RainReady team (formely called 'Wetrofit') visited a rental property owned by Margaret O'Dell to assess the building's flooding problem and offer potential solutions.


Property Assessment: Lori Burns

Millions of property owners are affected by flooding in their home. Hear how we are helping Lori Burns.