Videos: Urban Flooding and Activism

Our videos share stories of RainReady practices in homes and businesses as well as flood-related activism. Follow the links for more videos on each subject, and feel free to use them at meetings or show them to friends and neighbors. The collection will be gradually updated and expanded.

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Water Damage: Stories from Midlothian, Illinois

Many residents of Midlothian have faced chronic flooding for years. Stuck without any hope of moving to drier neighborhoods, these residents share stories of loss and destruction in the one place that's supposed to shield them from the elements: their homes.


Flooding Beyond the Floodplain

In the Village of Midlothian, a southern suburb of Chicago, residents face hundred-year rainfalls on a regular basis. And whenever these record rains come, they bring the misery of urban flooding to the homes in their path. Special thanks to Design for America for filming and editing this video.


Wet Basements, Flooded Yards

Urban flooding victims from the Chicago neighborhoods of Chatham and Rogers Park share their stories.


After the Disaster

In April 2013, flooding in the Chicago region led to a Presidentially Declared Disaster. In this film, residents share their stories of the event.