RainReady Calumet Corridor Plans

Voices from the Calumet Corridor community.

Flooding Beyond the Floodplain

In the Village of Midlothian, a southern suburb of Chicago, residents face hundred-year rainfalls on a regular basis. And whenever these record rains come, they bring the misery of urban flooding to the homes in their path.

Home Improvements: Lori Burns

Millions of property owners are affected by flooding in their homes. Hear how CNT's RainReadySM Home (formerly known as Wetrofit®) team is helping Lori Burns.

RainReady Solutions in Action: Community Design

The City of Batavia, IL integrated innovative stormwater management technologies, like permeable pavement and tree cell systems, into the redevelopment of a street.

RainReady Solutions in Action: French Drains

French drain systems trap water in the soil and redirect it away from buildings, preventing basement and home flooding.

Property Retrofit: Dejan Bajic + Marcela Bernal

CNT's RainReadySM Home (formerly known as Wetrofit®) team helped Dejan Bajic and Marcela Bernal stop seepage in their home by regrading their property and installing a rain garden.

RainReady Solutions in Action: Permeable Pavement

Conventional asphalt is a major cause of urban flooding. Its slick surface doesn't absorb rainwater, causing it to run into nearby homes and businesses. Permeable pavement, on the other hand, allows water to filter down into the ground, keeping it from ending up on neighboring properties.

Water Damage: Stories from Midlothian, Illinois

Many residents of Midlothian have faced chronic flooding for years. Stuck without any hope of moving to drier neighborhoods, these residents share stories of loss and destruction in the one place that's supposed to shield them from the elements: their homes.